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Interested in bringing acupuncture + Chinese medicine to your business, gathering, event, celebration or ceremony?


We bring the treatments to you. And the best part?!?!? This is (w)holistic medicine, so treatments are customized and personalized to the individual and vibration of the event.   


Some example treatments include:

  • hand and/or foot acupressure massage with topical herbal infused products including *cannabis (CBD), mugwort (moxa), + arnica oils

  • ear acupressure (seeds)/acupuncture (needles) 

  • self massage station with myofascial rolling tools to teach people everyday self care

  • mini (15-30 minute) acupuncture sessions 


Please contact for additional information, availability and rates.


*We love herbal medicine. Plants are natural, powerful and dynamic. We practice plant medicine at seed. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are honoring the wonders and healing possibilities of our lady cannabis. Our goal is to celebrate, promote, and teach about this therapeutic plant in a qualified and skillful way.


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